deFlicker for Ultramotion and Highspeed Cameras


deFlicker for Ultramotion and Highspeed Cameras

Flicker is ubiquituous in night recordings with high speed cameras. This is due to widely installed lighting systems in sport arenas which flicker at high frequency. Normal camera recordings up to about 100 fps do not flicker, but at higher frame rates the effect is very visible.

Based on long year research since 2008 we have developed the first commercially available deFlicker system, which is available worldwide since 14th July 2013. This system is a complete reimplementation and improvement over the old system which was not freely available (see Related).

Webpage with more information and for ordering:

Furthermore, we offer an unique service for sports arenas. We check for correct LED installation - i.e. no flicker - and help to correct it if it is faulty. Should later tests indicate that - no matter why - LED-Installation is no longer flicker-free, we offer one of our deFlicker system for the duration of the broadcast. Contact us via EMail, by telephone or by Webform for Details!