We do not consult but implement. We do not recommend, but listen. We do not program but create solutions.

We are independent and only committed to the best suitable solution for our customers - not to specific manufacturers, not to specific technologies, not to buzzwords and vaporware.

We have decades of experience in many different areas of IT (Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationsship Management, Extraction-Transfer-Load, IT & CyberSecurity, Bioinformatik, Data Mining / KDD, iPhone/Android development, Webshops, Backend-Systems, Databases, Web server, data conversion, Text Mining, ...)

From the beginning to the end of the project - and not only during akquisition - you always talk with the same person. We do not work with Subcontractors but only with equal partners.

We are reliable: None of our projects was ever significantly delayed. We know what works, how it works and how quickly it will be usable.

We are fast: As soon as we have all necessary information, we immediately provide an offer. Also after project completion, we are there at any time for you and implement simple changes immediately.

We share our knowledge, hold lectures to important topics, lead research projects and publish our results. Only this way is progress possible at all.

Each problem, each customer is unique. We listen. We begin where others give up.