Online questionnaire system


Online questionnaire system

We developed a system for creation, administration and evaluation of webbased questionnaires which is completely customizable. It can run on any server (system requirements: PHP 5, SQL database) or on our own server. All data is stored locally and is therefore completely under your control. It currently offers the following functions which can in each case be changed directly within the system.

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  • Questionnaires with title, sub-title, email notification and reminder text, greeting page and thank-you page.
  • Three question types: Multiple choice with additional text field (others), single selection and free text. Question text, selection label and the options are freely selectable.
  • User administration with the fields title, first name, surname, email, position designation, gender, username, password, person (hierarchy level, function, age category), organization (organizational unit, legal entity, team), enterprise (No. of employees, country, industry), assigned questionnaire, administrator rights. Password can be generated automatically, direct sending of an email invitation to the user is supported.
  • User list by questionnaires, organization fields, enterprise fields and questionnaire status (not logged in, open, done) with the possibility of a password reset and of sending a reminder email.
  • The questionnaire can be interrupted at any time and continued later, simply by logging in again. Even a password reset does not lead to a restart of the questionnaire (manual restart is possible). Changing an already filled out question is not possible by design.
  • Time per questionnaire is measured and indicated.
  • Extensive export function (export as Excel file with all data). All data are stored in the SQL database and are also directly available from there.
  • Access with any webbrowser (including mobile devices)
  • All texts are changable so the system is effectively multilingual (administration interface at present only available in German - but this could be changed very easily)

Since 2008 the system is constantly enhanced. At present we plan an anonymous login mode (where the users themselves can enter their data and start the questionnaire) and the integration of reports directly into the webbrowser.