Color Blindness Correction and Simulator



See through the eyes of your red, green or blue colorblind friend!

So you have a friend who is colorblind... how does the world look to him/her? With this app, you can see what it is like to be red, green or blue color blind. If you are colorblind yourself, you can also correct it - but first check which type of colorblindness you have by seeing whether you can tell the difference to the normal view.

Now available for AndroidTM from 2.1!

NEW (ONLY FOR COLORBLIND PEOPLE): Added correction mode (Daltonization) - tap top left or use menu! Adjust the error distribution between the two channels you can see using volume up and down. Now you can finally see what's in these Ishihara plates!


Amazing Absolutely amazing!!! I'm colorblind and never thought I'd be able to identify those damn numbers on that tests (Diogo)

Thanks, best app ever. This app helped me pass my driving license (Iqbal)

Truly recommended! Developer: You are the best! I´m professional designer with diagnosis of protanopy, so all shades of red seem to be washed out for me. The Green (Deuteranopy) correction mode is the best for me and not the protanopy mode as I expected.... Thanks for changing our life! (RaoniAD)

Your android colour blindness simulator was used to test gameplay at the global game jam accessibility challenge, thank you for a fantastic tool! (Ian Hamilton, Global Game Jam accessibility advisor)