Clipboard Dialer


Clipboard Dialer

When using voice-over-ip based telephony system it is convenient to dial via PC. Many manufacturers offer such tools. However, there are often problems with normalizing telephone numbers (e.g. numbers without international prefix, internal phone extensions), and so not every number can be successfully dialed. For technical reasons every supported application needs its own plugin - and some work while some don't. From unsupported apps no numbers can be dialed at all.

Here we can help! Our clipboard dialer listens for telephone numbers copied to the clipboard. When a number is recognized, the dialer window pops up and can be dialed instantly via Enter. With only two keypresses (Ctrl+C, then Enter) you can dial from any application. Normalization of telephone numbers is adapted to each customers' requirements. Clipboard Dialer currently supports Cisco but can also be adapted to other VoIP manufacturers.

Do you want to use Clipboard Dialer for your own company? Contact us via email, telephone or web form!

Function overview

  • Automatic recognition and normalization of telephone numbers
  • Two keypress dialing from any application: select telephone number, Ctrl+C, Enter.
  • The last ten sucessfully dialed numbers are stored and are accessibly using two clicks.
  • Telephone is identified via username and password (checked on first dial). Other identification mechanisms are possible (e.g. via IP adress or name of local machine).
  • Edit telephone number before dialing (if necessary)
  • Clipboard dialer runs in the background and is directly accessible via taskbar.