Project cockpit


Project cockpit

The project cockpit is the second part to the electronic site diary: after the collection reporting and controlling! It offers a concise traffic light representation of current project's state with direct access to operational tickets, actual vs. planned time reporting (e.g. for subcontractor bills), actual state project plans and much more besides.

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Function overview

  • Project management with planning data: rough target planning after own/subcontractor/assembly managers, basic order/supplemental work/work by direction and empirical target process being after plan starting and end date; exact target planning with uploadbarem resources plan. Subcontractor, whose hours are not planned (e.g. due to overall remuneration) to be able from the actual computation are removed.
  • Configurable warnings for red and yellow: last building diary entered, target/is deviation > x%. Minutes of all target being exportable as pdf and Excel
  • Indicate all tickets from the building diary according to type with date, building diary, underbody diary, sequential number and description, export after pdf and Excel.
  • Assembly process actual target comparison with fade inable failure report tickets and arrangement tickets, normally and cumulatively, after range and date freely configurable. Announcement directly in the browser, as pdf without detailed information and as pdf with detailed information.
  • Address administration for all project-relevant partners
  • Right administration with five roles per user: System administrator to observers.
  • Evaluation own hours, subcontractor, foreign coworker according to numerous criteria on five different detail stages. Export as pdf or Excel.