Magic Mirror - Augmented Reality for trade fairs and shopping windows


Magic Mirror - Augmented Reality for trade fairs and shopping windows

Update: As we neared the limits of the CPU-based earlier version, we implemented a completely new version of the Magic Mirror on Unity3D with GPU-Support. The Christmas variant of this new version was presented at our in-house X-mas Get2gether on 13th December 2018 in Weißkirchen a.d. Traun. We also printed christmas cards.

Update: The Easter version of Magic Mirror was shown at the 15th April 2017 in Welios, Wels. This time we printed easter cards.

Update: The Christmas version of Magic Mirror was shown at the 8th December 2016 in Welios, Wels and at the 15th december at the christmas party of the Danube University Krems. This time we printed christmas cards. We also made a new video!

Update: The Halloween version of Magic Mirror was shown at the 30th October 2016 in Oberbank Wels.

Update: Magic Mirror was shown at 26th and 27th of August 2016 in Museumsquartier Vienna for an ad campaign of MasterCard.

Together with Pfeiffer-Medien we developed a flexible Augmented Reality application based on Microsoft Kinect. Just like a magic mirror it allows you to replace the background scenery and take on a different face. Here, we used faces of Austrian and international politicians, but also default virtual avatars from the online game World of Warcraft, or specially created faces as in the Easter special 2014. Faces and backgrounds can be changed via hand gestures by our Universal Remote. Another gesture triggers a screenshot that can be put online immediately or immediately printed out (PhotoBox functionality)

The last big extension was a complete reimplementiation on Unity3D with GPU support in 2018 which increased speed and made new effects possible. However the system requirements have increased as well. Both the use at trade fairs (movable standing unit with wheels and all hardware plus monitor included) as well as in shopping windows (on-site test required) is possible. Extending with new faces and backgrounds is straightforward. The original system and its extended and enhanced versions were exhibited at numerous trade shows and events since 2012 and has enjoyed great popularity, which can be seen from the corresponding screenshots and videos.