The photodocumentation is an integrated system for the building industry. It allow capture and classification of images, videos and audio recordings which need to be created during planned and unplanned inspections or to document obstacles, directly on Android phones. All current Android phones are supported. The photodocumentation consists of two parts: the android app with automated update, data transfer and crash-reporting, and a neat webapplication to manage the files. The photodocumentation has been available since 2011 and is continually improved. Language support includes German, English, Spanish and Catalan. Currently, 471 projects are managed by 2,986 users who have uploaded 464,145 photos, videos and speech notes.

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Function overview

  • Project management with name, project number, owner, choosable keywords, logo-upload (for export and reporting)
  • Access rights on user / project level
  • User management with six roles (system admin, key user, project admin, standard user, viewer, external viewer)
  • App user management with project assignment, file path for storage, app settings: free text yes/no, classifications, user
  • Filelist with context menu for image manipulation (e.g. left/right rotate, contrast, brighter/darker, ...), free text and description directly editable, extensive search functions (classification, user, text search for free text, description or both; date from-to), delete and hide, export as Excel-File incl. all images
  • Creation of documentations based on a subset of files with subject, description, date (optionally visible for external viewers)
  • Upload plans and use the Android app to directly mark the exact plan position and direction where the photo was taken
  • Configuration of room codes and choosing them directly within the Android app (also possible via printed QR-Code, one per room)