Wooden Easter Ratchet


Wooden Easter Ratchet

Surprise your friends with this original wooden ratchet!

Ratcheting is a well-known tradition since 1482. It creates lots of noise by turning a wooden ratchet - the faster, the better! 3D model and sound were captured from an original wooden easter ratchet originally built by my uncle. Our digital ratchet behaves just as a real one, but it's easier to take with you everywhere you go.

NEW: Tablet support improved. Transparency mode takes background from live camera preview.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for flying mobile phones. If you fear for your mobile phone, use the Touch-Mode to control the ratchet via Touchscreen.

Exclusively available for AndroidTM 2.1+!

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You want to know more about the ratchet?
Wikipedia Austrian Traditions, Customs & Events (April)

Ratchet or Rattle?
Wikipedia tends towards ratchet but a native speaker told us it should be rattle. Put "rattle" or "ratchet" into the comments for our app if you think you know!