Four day seminar on development for Android & iPhone


Four day seminar / tutorial / crash course on development for (mostly) Android and (very little) iPhone.

Day 1: Introduction & Motivation

  • introduction
  • Motivation Android / iPhone
  • Market / AppStore versions, differences
  • Difference iOS / Google Play
  • What makes a successful app? (Based on personal experience and analysis from Google Play)

Day 2: Theory & Practice

  • Development systems / toolchains
  • Java development with Eclipse / Android SDK
  • Essential files
  • How does a minimal app look?
  • Excursion: Emulator
  • Sensors and how they are controlled
  • OpenGL short overview
  • Upload / make apps available (also for testers)

Day 3: Hello World

  • Apps programming in small groups. The apps will use different sensors and different tasks.
  • We will develop simple apps as far as they can be done with Java only

Day 4: Completion

  • Presentation of the results (& each app will be tested on all other test devices ...)
  • Outlook on Augmented Reality, future developments


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