Reference management tool


Reference management tool

The reference management tool is an integrated system for the construction and allied trades. It allows entering, modifying and structured output of references and is particularly suitable for large companies and corporate groups. All references are jointly mapped so that an uniform appearance can be ensured to the outside - both for external calls as well as the intranet and the internet sites (integration with Drupal7 and other systems). The outputted information can be limited separately for each purpose. Pictures are uploaded with intended use information and the image cutout is selected via drag and drop. Extensive search options for compiling desired references makes our reference management tool perfect. Using as a simple guarantee management with reminder emails on guarantee expiration and final determination is also possible. All data can also be exported as an Excel file.

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Available fields

  • Performing company / department
  • Project is done by a team & information on team partners
  • Order number / project number
  • Sort by date (for display on the Intranet / Internet)
  • Project start
  • Delivery date / completion
  • Maintenance contract and maintenance contract info
  • Project title
  • Project description
  • Work description
  • Description of special technical solutions
  • Project volume
  • Legal client (customer)
  • End user
  • Architect
  • Planner
  • Place of fulfillment with zip code, country
  • Project manager, site manager, engineer with contact information (given name, first name, telephone, mobile, email)
  • Site Address with name, address, postal code, city, country, comments
  • Attachments with types photo (cutout selected via drag-and-drop), description, customer confirmation, reference confirmation, Downloads - each with usage rights
  • Gross floor area, net floor area for general, technical rooms, garages separately
  • Project classification as a business / portfolio, industry, details
  • Trades (optional according to DIN 276) with cost per position
  • Display options for Internet and Intranet, main and bottom separately - separate release box with corresponding role
  • Any number of guarantees can be linked to the reference, each with description, the start, end, date for final determination and reminder mail address