Staff utilization planning


Staff utilization planning

We have replaced an existing Excel-based staff utilization planning tool by a web-based solution. Planning is done as usual in columns (calendar weeks or months) and lines (projects or staff) by hours of working time as in Excel. Any number of teams can be created and are planned independently. Holiday planning is done on a daily basis and can be carried out by the employees themselves (specific role with limited access). Holidays are taken into account automatically. The planning of the project-related hours is possible on a weekly or monthly basis with automatic conversion between both views. An overview of the planning grouped by project or employee may at any time be displayed and shows the load per employee and the remaining time for each project based on optionally specified total working hours. In addition, actual values are continuously recorded and displayed - after manual month-end closing - in color. Vacation days, leave entitlement and compensatory time are automatically updated and displayed in a concise report. An overview per month - both overall and broken down by projects or employees, a corresponding project / staff management function and a comfortable user management makes our staff utilization planning tool perfect.

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  • Day / week / month plan for employees with automatic conversion
  • Project planning with working times, automatically updated every month-end via actual worked times, with traffic light for quick overview about the project status
  • Daily-accurate vacation planning with color-coded day boxes, restrictable display on a weekly basis
  • A plan includes 12 to 18 months and is therefore sufficient for the short to medium-term planning horizons. This can be extended on request.
  • Grouped staff planning for a quick overview of the staff workload (default view), drill-down to individual employees with possible detailed planning data as well as to the employee master data with one click.
  • Grouped project planning for a quick overview of project status, drill down to individual projects possible with detailed planning data as well as to the project master data with one click.
  • At all times switching between project and staff view is possible
  • Display of the monthly overview immediately in Team overview after login - Summary Planning for the next 12 months is immediately visible.
  • A detailed report on the utilization and project division in total and per employee with all planning data is available in one click.
  • Any number of absence projects can be defined and planned (not only vacation, holiday, sick leave, compensatory time off)