About Seewald Solutions


Founder and CEO

Name: Alexander K. Seewald, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (equiv PhD)
Birth date: 08.12.1975


1999 - 2003 Doctoral studies in natural technical sciences at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna, concluded with excellent success (summa cum laude), thesis Towards Understanding Stacking.

1994 - 1999 Diploma study in computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna, concluded with the diploma thesis A Mobile Robot Toy Cat controlled by Vision and Motivation


Professional work

Since 2007 Founder and CEO of Seewald Solutions

2006 - 2007 CRM analyst, GE Money Bank Austria

2000 - 2005 Researcher, Austrian Research Institut for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)


Since 2012 see collaborations

2009 - 2012 FFG Bridge7 project Automated cell recognition technologies for research and diagnostics - R&D of a generally applicable holistic image processing system for segmenting and quantification of relevant characteristics of cells and subcellular structures in tissue.

2008 NetIdee project Early warning system for botnets - R&D of a passive analysis system for early identification of Spambots

2003 - 2005 European Union QoL FP5 project BioMinT - R&D of a comprehensive web-based support system for updating protein data bases

2002 European Union IST project 3D Search - Development of intelligent characterisation methods for large document collections

2000 - 2001 FWF project A of new modular architecture for Data Mining - R&D of new learning algorithms and preprocessing methods


Project work

Since 2007 see references

2006 - 2007 Design & implementation of a system to capture the game record for Go using off-the-shel digital cameras (self-financed)

2004 - 2005 Design & Construction of the first BlueTooth remote controlled car on a scale 1:10 and porting the video recording library libxvid on a Nokia mobile phone (self-financed)

2003 Design & Construction of the Intelligent Go-board prototype (self-financed)

2000 - 2002 Design & implementation of a system for current integration of accounting data from various legacy systems (XQuattro, COMET) to DKS (Tarbuk AG, Vienna; AutoItalia Salzburg GmbH, Salzburg)


Since 2003 Lectures (Danube university Vienna, University of Vienna, medical University of Vienna, FH bfi Vienna), Support of two practical courses, a Bakkalaureatsarbeit, two dissertation theses et al.)

Since 2001 Numerous guest lectures on invitation by companies and conference organizers (last on the Linuxwochen in Vienna 2010), participant in Program Committees, research collaboration with European and US universities.