Legacy system data transfer

We convert data from proprietary legacy systems of any kind either into new open systems or into read-only archive systems. This allows our customers to efficiently replace old, outdated legacy systems with modern software. In some cases, we are developing the new web-based application or iPhone / Android app as an encore.

Your benefits:

  • Time savings: Many legacy systems have no standardized export interface. The only alternative to data acquisition is then to re-enter all data for at least several years ... and that takes time.
  • Cost savings: In many years of experience we have assembled a large repertoire of diverse methods to export raw data quickly from legacy systems. The subsequent analysis, reformatting and transformation of data into a new format is also well supported by in-house developed tools. This allows us to complete projects quickly.
  • Flexibility: You are already planning a replacement system? We export the data in a format which minimizes your import effort. You do not need a replacement, but only an archive? We provide the data within a stand-alone archiving system with search functionality. You want a modern system, but keep most if not all processes of the old system? We develop such a system and import your data there.

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