Webbased Applications

Webbased applications

We develop webbased applications for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large companies in order to either enhance and replace legacy applications or to create completely new solutions. This also includes replacing ad-hoc data collection and reporting with Excel, which is quite common in many enterprises but introduces problems in data quality, data consistency and repeatability of reporting.

Your advantages over off-the-shelf standard applications:

  • Optimal mapping of internal processes: All steps including document upload, validation rules, user access rights, approval procedures (e.g. four-eye-principle) are supported directly by the system and checked during input automatically. The reporting is uniformly implemented and shown directly in the web browser and/or downloaded as PDF file.

  • Userfriendliness: Each user role sees only the information which are need for its tasks. Email and SMS notifications are standard. Small changes are implemented immediately, larger changes alternatively in a maintenance window or outside of office hours.

  • Simple to use: Our webbased applications are usable with all current browsers - and optionally also on mobile terminals (iPad, Android Tablets, mobile phones,..) The web application can be installed and run on a separate server, an already existing server, or on our server. In the latter case the webbased application is immediately usable and changes are instantly visible.

Webbased applications developed by us are adapted flexibly to your requirements. We develop by Rapid Protoyping where we point out the possibilities with a simple but already usable prototype and then create new prototypes every 1-2 weeks based on feedback by the end users. The emerging webbased application is therefore optimally adapted to the needs of the actual end users.